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Privacy Please

Womenswear· Fall 2024 · Artisanal Collection · Custom

This collection was created from a place of anxiety and overwhelm.
'Privacy Please' spotlights the issue of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Our youth is facing an epidemic of mental health perpetuated by overconsumption, overstimulation, mass media, and environmental and world issues that have been passed down by our predecessors. I have created this collection to curate a safe space. Brought to you by Chou Knits, this collection embodies styles of tactile design and materials that evoke visual and physical senses of tranquility and comfort. Artisanal Techniques will be explored via knitwear and quilting. These textiles will offer a soothing hand, engaging surface interest, and a thoughtful comfortable fit to create a regenerative experience for the wearer. I intend to make my clients feel grounded.

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